Christophe's and Karen's whereabouts in the land of the kangoroos

Les aventures de christophe et karen au pays des Kangourous

Supergrass Concert


English : Tonight we went to see Supergrass live at the Melbourne Forum. I must say they are way better live. It was just a great night out, very loud, not sure my hearing could cope with it really... well, worse come to the worse i could say It lost it to Rock n'roll ...

Français : Ce soir nous sommes allez voir Supergrass en concert, au Melbourne Forum. Ils sont tres bon sur scene... 


English :I am Running the Melbourne Half Marathon !!!!!

Earlier on this year, one of my parents friend passed away from cancer in just a couple of months. Robert was a keen runner and I decided to enter the Melbourne Half Marathon for him and raise money to cure Cancer once and for all.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It's also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Cancer Research UK gets your money faster and, if you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

So please sponsor me now here =>

Français :Salut a tous,

Je vais courir le semi Marathon de Melbourne!!!!!

Au début d'année, un très bon amis a nous est malheureusement décède des suites d'un cancer foudroyant en quelques mois.

Robert était un fin coureur ayant fait plusieurs marathon a travers le monde.

J'ai décidé de courir pour lui et de ce fait je vais essayer de réunir le plus de fond possible pour la recherche contre le cancer.

Pour donner c'est super simple =>

Le site web donne une majoration de 25% de tous les dons!! alors n'hésitez pas.

Thailand 2008 - Koh Samui


English: Just back from Koh Samui, where we went for Drew & Amanda's wedding. We had a brilliant time! Here are some pictures

All Photos here

Français : De retour de Thailande pour le mariage de Drew & Amanda ... Super vacances...

Toutes les photos

Photos from Thailand - Photos de Thailande

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Australian Grand Prix 2008


English : This weekend was the Australian Grand Prix, held here in Melbourne (God you gotta love Melbourne!) - It was needless to say bloody hot - we had 42.4 on Friday, 37 on Saturday and almost 40 today!!!! - All in all the race was good, and fun.

Français : Ce weekend c'etait le Grand Prix (y a trop de truc a Melbourne!) - Il a fait trop chaud.. 42.4 Vendredi, 37 Samedi et 40 aujourd'hui! on a gentillement cuit!

All pictures of the race here || Toutes les photos du weekend

L'apres course || Aftermath of the race

All pictures of the race here || Toutes les photos du weekend

Chinese new year 2007 | Nouvel an chinois 2007


English : Melbourne being Melbourne, the city embrassed the chinese new year in style. we had a great time

Français : Les celebrations de l'annee du rat... Melbourne style

John So is our Bro' (Melbourne's Mayor)

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Australian Open Week 1 |Open d'Australie 1ere Semaine


English: This time again.. and i am loving it. Went 3 times to the open this week, seen some amazing tennis really, including Nadal, Mauresmo, Safin, Roddick, Gasquet etc... I just love the Australian open, it is such a great even, easy to reach (10 minutes walk from home!!) and so laid back!

Français : Ca y est, c'est l'open d'Australie, et j'adore! j'y suis aller 3 fois deja cette semaine (ticket = 10 Euros!!), j ai vu Nadal, Mauresmo, Safin, Roddick, Gasquet etc. Le tout a 10 minutes a pied de chez moi!!

Jimmy Connors (and Shane warne in 3rd row standing up)

Mildura 2007...


English: We are just back from Mildura, located approx 6 hours drive from Melbourne. We had a brilliant time, weather was hot hot hot (43 degrees..)..

All Xmas pictures: click here

All Fish eye pictures: Click here

Français : Nous sommes juste de retour de Mildura, situe a 6 heure en voiture de Melbourne. Il a fait super chaud .. 43 degres...

Toutes les photos de noel: cliquez ici

Toutes les photos avec effets : Cliquez ici

Rock Climbing Melbourne | Escalade in Melbourne


Melbourne walkabout | Ballade dans Melbourne


English: While we (Karen & I) were having a gentle stroll in Melbourne by night, we bumped into (another) great free concert on Federation Square. You gotta love Melbourne!
The band playing was : FLAP!

Français : Au detour d'une ballade un soir d'ete, Karen et moi avons decouvert un concert gratuit (encore un) sur Federation Square. Le groupe = FLAP!
C'est pour ca qu'on adore Melbourne!

Video: (adjust sound on bottom bar - Ajuster le son dans la bar du bas)


Camion de livraison pour l'eau minerale "encore une autre putain d'eau" |
Delivery truck for "another bloody water"

Gold Coast 2007


English: 4 day break in the gold coast (1 hour south of Brisbane) - At first the weather was not nice at all, but in true Australian style, it turned out to be brilliant for the last 2 days ...

Français : un weekend prolonge sur la Gold Coast (1 heure sud de Brisbane) - Il a plu les 2 premiers jours, puis un soleil resplendissant pour les 2 jours restants.

Toutes les photos ici || All pictures here

Melbourne Cup 2007


English: Today was a bank holiday, all that for the Melbourne cup. Quite a good atmosphere in Federation Square where we went to see the race. We had a bet, and guess what Karen won (on her Birthday!!!!!!) -- Not sure how much yet, but anything is better than nothing really

Français : Jour férié aujourd'hui pour la Melbourne cup. Une bonne atmosphère, bonne ambiance. On a mis quelques dollars sur quelques chevaux, et Karen a gagne!!!! on ne sais pas encore combien, pas gros sûrement, mais c'est beau, surtout le jour de son anniversaire!!

Melbourne City Romp 2007


English: This weekend, with Karen and my mate Ru we have done the Melbourne City Romp. The Go for your life/Yarra Trams Melbourne City Romp is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Imagine an event that’s part treasure hunt, part ‘Amazing Race’ and part mystery puzzle!

Throw in $100,000 worth of prizes and access to some of Melbourne’s iconic venues, and you’ve got Australia’s most exciting new charity event!

Great Fun!

Français : Ce weekend nous avons participes a une énorme chasse aux trésors dans Melbourne. Super sympa!

Macau 2007 | Macao 2007


English: While in Hong Kong on our stopover, we decided to stay a few nights in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, we went to Macau (1h Ferry trip from HK. Macau is now special administrative region of China (the other one is Hong Kong) and has been handed over from Portugal in 1999

Français : Durant notre séjour a Hong Kong, nous sommes allés passe une journée a Macao (1h de Ferry de Hong kong). Macao est une ancienne colonie Portugaise, rendue aux Chinois en 1999, 2 ans après Hong Kong.

Video: Adjust volume for full experience | Ajustez le volume pour l'experience

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